Who we are

 Ames (Leeds)

Hi There! I'm Ames, creator of Milk and Dagger. What to say, what to say... I live with my super tall husband Tel and sleep stealing monsters Arch and Fox, 3yr and 1yr respectively.

Mum taught me to sew when I was 9 years old. I NEEDED to make a Blossom style floppy hat (80's kids, you know right!?) for a school project. By 15 I had altered and made all sorts of outfits, so went on to study fashion. 2 years studying in Leeds and 1 in Manchester. By then I'd well and truly had enough of feeding dogs, grain lines and general studying, so I dropped out of Uni and came back to Leeds.

I've worked in retail and call centre roles, a year tattooing, about the same as a baker and training designer/coordinator, so pretty varied. I found my mental health has often been in the way of any meaningful progression for me. Milk and Dagger has been the one role I've really stuck at.

I'm socially awkward and easily overwhelmed, I like cake & coffee and catching up with my most favourite people. Most of the other things I've loved before kids are hard to fit into life now; live music, make up and running. I would have it any other way though. Well maybe a little the for the gym and some eyeliner! ✌️️


 Kirstin (Dunoon)

Fàilte. I'm Kirstin, I am mum to two amazing boys; Ralf, 14 and Gregor, 10. Together we line in the quiet town of Dunoon in Argyll.

Daughter of a "dressmaker extraordinaire",  I have been sewing in many forms from a young age. I work part-time locally and as the boys are getting older and needing me less, I needed more working hours and was looking for inspiration on what two do next. So when my extremely talented wee cousin invited me to join Milk and Dagger, I was delighted and jumped at the chance. 

My inherited machines have now taken over the dining room table and I rush home from work to see what amazing fabrics and garments I will be working on that week. I marvel at Ames' work processes, pattern skills, uniquely crafted fabrics and imagination; and I am very much in awe of her work. Being part of a big crafty family, I love seeing our next generations wearing Milk and Dagger and being a small part of this is so special, I know many people will be proud of us all. 

Finally, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I look forward to seeing your little loved ones sharing the joy of Milk and Dagger. I hope they wear them with as much pride as I have in making them! Purple Hugs. 


 Peri (Leeds)

Well I'm me, Peri from the big smoke but moved to Leeds aged 11, so call myself a northerner now; except Ben (hubs) says I can't be as I don't like gravy! I have three slightly bonkers children all at school full time (sad face). I taught myself to sew as my mum runs a small biz making kinds interiors. She needed a seamstress and I needed part time work/be my own boss/do the school run; childcare for three kids is EXPENSIVE! I love the flexibility of sewing qt home, which is why I still do it.

I LOVE stitching for M&D because Ames is such a babe and the collections rock. I genuinely look forward to seeing what's coming up next. I'm super proud and support Ames, not only as an old friend, but also as a cool human. Also, if I have another baby, I'll get staff discount no? (Yes!) Also, I like punk rock, gin and hot baths.  


Tel (Leeds)

I can't sew, although I really should learn at this point. I tend to support more with cutting, packaging, website and general admin. Yorkshire lad born and bred (other than dragging Ames to Sunderland for a year). I'm a proud husband of Ames, a proud father of Archie & Fox and a privately proud nerd.

I like films, I like music, but above all I like sleep ('Give me 8 hours at night, and about 16 hours during the day' - Bill Hicks), none of which I get much time for with aforementioned children! I'm really proud to support Ames in M&D and if half of the blood, sweat and tears she sheds (none of which get on the clothes by the way!) translates, then I know you guys will dig what she's putting out there. Thanks for your support too by the way, you keep me working all hours so thanks...I guess....